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    1. plural of technology.
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        • We have previously suggested that the Blogshop phenomenon emerged through the symbiotic relationship of technology adaptation and design with specific geographic conditions.
        • Exxopolis is the first luminarium to be mainly designed on computer and the new technology has permitted a very-wide ranging experiment.
        • A similar challenge is now facing many of world’s largest noncomputing technology companies.
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        • Technology shrinks and expands at the same time: we launched PORTER, our glossy shoppable print magazine in February 2014, because our customers enjoy 360-degree immersive experiences.
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        • The polling standards of national media organizations typically require surveys to be conducted using live interviews, not so-called robopolls that use automated technology.
        • A technotard is a person who is unable to get around on their phone or computer or has to hand over the remote to any new technology.
        • Algal biofuel, sometimes nicknamed oilgae by environmentalists, is a promising technology.
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