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    1. plural of technique.
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        • Therefore, biopsy technique and orientation in the pathohistological assessment are very important, and correct classification in small superficial biopsies can be impossible.
        • Currently, fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) is one of the most popular and accurate techniques for presurgically evaluating thyroid nodules.
        • This technique creates a neourethra circumferentially lined with buccal mucosa but requires availability of preserved scrotal tissue and, after harvest, relies on a random blood supply.
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        • After CRS, but prior to intestinal anastomosis or repair of seromuscular tears, HIPEC was performed by installation of a heated chemoperfusate into the abdomen using the coliseum technique.
        • Dinosaurs, as well as growing taller, developed a more pronounced downflex to lower their heads closer to the ground for better cropping techniques.
        • Cultured NHLF were loaded with Fura-2 AM (3 μM) and Ca 2+ signals were recorded by microfluorimetric techniques.
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