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  • NounPLtans
    1. A yellowish-brown colour.
      1. tan colour:    
    2. A darkening of the skin resulting from exposure to sunlight or similar light sources.
      1. She still has a tan from her vacation in Mexico.
    3. The bark of an oak or other tree from which tannic acid is obtained.
      1. An Armenian drink made of yoghurt and water similar to airan and doogh.
        1. picul (Asian unit of weight).
          1. (dialectal) A twig or small switch.
          2. VerbSGtansPRtanningPT, PPtanned
            1. VI To change to a tan colour due to exposure to the sun.
              1. No matter how long I stay out in the sun, I never tan. though I do burn.
            2. VT To change an animal hide into leather by soaking it in tannic acid.
              1. VT INF To spank or beat.
              2. AdjectiveCOMtannerSUPtannest
                1. Of a yellowish-brown.
                  1. Mine is the white car parked next to the tan pickup truck.
                2. Having dark skin as a result of exposure to the sun.
                  1. You’re looking very tan this week.
              3. More Examples
                1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                  • 1931 - Intuitively, on Bloody Sunday, the Tans recognized where their trouble lay: the Irish were playing their own game once again. - To Play the Game: An Analysis of Sport, John Bowyer Bell.
                  • Not only did the Dublin barkeeps not make a shamrock in the foam, they claimed to not even know what a black and tan was.
                  • "Singing is the oldest, most effective and productive way to tackle girls," asserted the 37-year old, affectionately known as Ah Guan at Tan Chang Ren Music Station.
                2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
                  • I know what people think about the North. They think it's all muck and living over the brush with women like Elsie Tanner.
                  • I went to the beach to look at the sunbathers, at least some of whom went there to be looked at while they worked on their tans.
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