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  • The stomach is a muscular, hollow, dilated part of the digestive system which functions as an important organ of the digestive tract in many animals, including vertebrates, echinoderms, insects (mid-gut), and molluscs.
  • In most vertebrates, the stomach is located between the esophagus and the small intestine.
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    Definition of stomach in English Dictionary

  • NounPLstomachs
    1. An organ in animals that stores food in the process of digestion.
      1. INF The belly.
        1. OBS Pride, haughtiness.
          1. OBS Appetite.
            1. a good stomach for roast beef
          2. (figuratively) Desire, appetite (for something abstract).
            1. I have no stomach for a fight today.
        2. VerbSGstomachsPRstomachingPT, PPstomached
          1. VT To tolerate (something), emotionally, physically, or mentally; to stand or handle something.
            1. I really can’t stomach jobs involving that much paperwork, but some people seem to tolerate them.
            2. I can't stomach her cooking.
          2. OBS VI To be angry.
            1. OBS VT To resent; to remember with anger; to dislike.
            2. More Examples
              1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                • I really can’t stomach jobs involving that much paperwork, but some people seem to tolerate them.
                • Indeed, Nishi et al. detected heptanoylghrelin [25 ] or decanoylghrelin [48 ] in the stomachs of mice fed with triheptanoin or tricaprin.
                • A reproducible decrease in the plasma concentration of unacylated ghrelin was observed, which was consistent with a decrease in the stomach preproghrelin mRNA and stomach ghrelin expression.
              2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
                • It's taken me forever to find a brand of frozen pizza that agrees with my stomach.
                • All at once, Steven let out a loud gasp, as his cock jerked violently in his hand and sent wad after wad of hot white sperm shooting out all over his chest and stomach.
                • Ten pages into my Baby-sitters Club book, time to reflip onto my stomach.
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