soft meaning

EN[sɔft] [sɑft] [sɒft] [-ɒft]
  • Soft or SOFT may refer to:
  • Soft matter, various states of matter with low resistance to external force
  • Soft magnetic material is a magnetic material with low coercivity
  • Soft skills, a sociological term relating to a person's emotional intelligence
  • Softs, soft commodities
FR soft
  • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
    1. Adjectives
      • Adverbs
        • Interjections
          • Nouns
            • Countable nouns
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          Meaning of soft for the defined word.

          Grammatically, this word "soft" is an adjective. It's also an adverb. It's also an interjection. It's also a noun, more specifically, a countable noun.
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