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EN[səʊʃl̩] [-əʊʃəl]
  • The term social refers to a characteristic of living organisms as applied to populations of humans and other animals.
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  • NounPLsocialsSUF-ial
    1. A festive gathering to foster introductions.
      1. They organized a social at the dance club to get people to know each other.
    2. (Canadian Prairies) A dance held to raise money for a couple to be married.
      1. (Britain) COL (With definite article) Abbreviation of social security, referring to the UK state welfare system, or of related terms such as Social Security Office or Social Security Benefit.
        1. Fred hated going down to the social to sign on.
      2. (US) COL Abbreviation of social security number.
        1. What's your social?
      3. (dated, Ireland) A dinner dance event, usually held annually by a company or sporting club.
      4. AdjectiveCOMmore socialSUPmost social
        1. Being extroverted or outgoing.
          1. James is a very social guy; he knows lots of people.
        2. Of or relating to society.
          1. Phoenix and Lubbock are both caught in severe drought, and it is going to get much worse. We may see many such [dust] storms in the decades ahead, along with species extinctions, radical disturbance of ecosystems, and intensified social conflict over land and water. Welcome to the Anthropocene, the epoch when humans have become a major geological and climatic force.
        3. (Internet) Relating to social media or social networks.
          1. social gaming
        4. (rare) Relating to a nation's allies (compare the Social War).
          1. (botany, zoology) Cooperating or growing in groups.
            1. a social insect
        5. More Examples
          1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
            • We also utilize SNA to characterize the agonistic (fighting and chasing) as well as other social (sniffing and allogrooming) behavioral interactions of mice.
            • What topics have been trending on social networks this week?
            • But it is equally important to recognize that this scope for disagreement about social priorities between truly liberal-minded politicians of differing persuasions is not unlimited.
          2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
            • Social security is the third rail of American politics: touch it and your political career dies.
            • Social psychology is a subdiscipline of psychology.
            • Social mobility is often closely bound up with socio-economic status.
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