riches meaning

  • Riches may refer to:
  • Wealth
  • The Riches (television series)
  • C. T. Hurry Riches, Locomotive Superintendent of the Rhymney Railway from 1906
  • Norman Riches (1883–1975), Welsh cricketer
  • Tom Hurry Riches (1846–1911), Locomotive Superintendent of the Taff Vale Railway, 1873–1910
  • Riches (album), a 1988 album by Deacon Blue
  • Riches & More, a compilation album by Deacon Blue
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  • NounBFrich
    1. Money, goods, wealth, treasure.
    2. More Examples
      1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
        • His big plans to get rich never quite seemed to get off the ground.
        • But Rabbit feels as though he owns it all, showing up at the showroom day after day, riding herd on the paperwork and the payroll [...]. - Rabbit Is Rich by John Updike
        • We have characterized basis of memory enhancing function of CDRI-08 which is only a fraction of the whole extract of Bacopa monnieri rich in bacosides A and B 9 (57.5%).
      2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
        • Rich countries are backsliding on their commitment to agree to new WTO measures to help people in poor countries gain access to affordable medicines. — Oxfam press release, 24 June 2002
        • Rich knew how to warm up the audience of The Price is Right. His good looks and charming personality made even that special.
      3. Used in the Ending of Sentence
        • A good lunar lander or Pong-type game was all you needed to strike it rich!
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            Grammatically, this word "riches" is a noun, more specifically, a noun form, a nouns with common ending formation and a pluralia tantum.
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