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    1. plural of response.
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        • We show here that Mkk2 mediates the phosphorylation of the Mkc1 MAPK in response to cell wall assembly interfering agents such as zymolyase or tunicamycin and also to oxidative stress.
        • Even though there are few studies of exoproteome responses to salt stress, those that have been done demonstrate potential roles of altered exoproteomes in adaptive responses during salt stress.
        • The Oath is redacted ; pronounced aloud by President Bailly, — and indeed in such a sonorous tone, that the cloud of witnesses, even outdoors, hear it, and bellow response to it.
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        • He knows a bad case of the willies will be our first response.
        • The slushbox did nothing to improve an already sluggish response.
        • Actually, progression of periodontitis interdepends on various diseases with mediation mainly by osteoimmune responses.
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