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    1. plural of response.
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        • Only vibrotactile responses could be obtained in 59 ears in the presence of effusion, while only 8 ears in an effusion-free condition were classified as anacusic.
        • In the RPE-choroid there was evidence of wound response in both macular and extramacular regions, whereas in the retina the region of response was limited to the macula, as is the primary visual loss.
        • And in “Central Park in the Dark” and her haunting response to “The Unanswered Question,” Sokolow evokes more small-town anomie in spare shifts of ranks, topplings and rises.
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        • The engineered class of anti-tetrachiral cellular materials is phenomenologically characterized by a strong auxeticity of the elastic macroscopic response.
        • Shelly stalled while she tried to come up with a good response.
        • He knows a bad case of the willies will be our first response.
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