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    1. plural of resource.
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        • To improve wind dispatchability and reduce flexibility resource costs, in this paper, we propose a novel RUC model considering strategic wind generation curtailment (WGC).
        • For example, in many taxocenes, body size has been shown to influence the way species use and divide resources and therefore could also limit their relative abundances [9 –12 ].
        • In addition, these viable cultures represent an important future resource for phylogeny-directed biodiscovery.
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        • Resources used at the treating hospital were extracted from medical records onto study-specific proformas.
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        • It was a shell company and, the SEC alleges, never had researchers, research plans or any scientific resources.
        • It might be seen as inappropriate, but I'll sneak it past human resources.
        • File Under "It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time" ¶ Why take Kuwait? The main answer, of course, has to do with control of oil resources.
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