removal meaning

  • Removal may refer to:
  • Removal (band)
  • Removal, 2010 debut film by Nick Simon
  • Removal jurisdiction in the United States courts
  • Removal of a child from its parents and placement in foster care by a child protection agency
  • Removal may also indirectly refer to:
  • Administrative removal in immigration law
  • Amputation, removal of a body extremity by trauma or surgery
  • Deforestation (forest/tree removal)
  • Enucleation of the Eye (eye removal)
  • Hair removal
  • Hedgerow removal
  • Hidden line removal, computer graphics
  • Indian removal, the early 19th century United States domestic policy
  • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
    1. Morphemes
      • Suffixes
        • Words by suffix
          • Words suffixed with -al
      • Nouns
        • Countable nouns
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      Meaning of removal for the defined word.

      Grammatically, this word "removal" is a morpheme, more specifically, a suffixe. It's also a noun, more specifically, a countable noun.
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