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EN[ˈkwaɪ̯.ɛsn̩t] [ˈkwiː.ɛsn̩t]

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  • AdjectiveCOMmore quiescentSUPmost quiescentSUF-escent
    1. Inactive, at rest, quiet.
      1. The bats were quiescent at that time of day, so we slowly entered the cave.
    2. (grammar) Not sounded; silent.
      1. The k is quiescent in "knight" and "know".
    3. (cell biology) Non-proliferating.
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        • Analysis of non-atretic quiescent (primordial) and growing (primary, preantral, and antral) follicle numbers revealed that immature follicles were gradually lost after chemotherapy.
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      1. Adjectives
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