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EN[ˈkwɔːtə] [ˈk(w)ɔ(ɹ)ɾɚ] [-ɔː(ɹ)tə(ɹ)]
  • A quarter is one fourth, 1⁄4, 25% or 0.25 and may refer to:
  • Quarter (urban subdivision), a section or area, usually of a town
  • Quarter section, an area of one-fourth of a square mile, or 160 acres (0.65 km2)
  • Quarter (United States coin), valued at one-fourth of a U.S. dollar
  • Quarter (Canadian coin), valued at one-fourth of a Canadian dollar
  • Quarter of a calendar year
  • Academic quarter (year division), a division of an academic year lasting from 8 to 12 weeks
  • Academic quarter (class timing), term used by universities in various European countries for the 15 minutes between the defined start time for a lecture and the actual time it will start
FR quarter
A US quarter, 25 cent coin.
A US quarter, 25 cent coin.

    Definition of quarter in English Dictionary

  • NounPLquartersPREquarter-SUF-ter
    1. Any fourth of something, particularly.
      1. One of these is 1 Hen. V, cap. 10, defining the quarter of corn [i.e., grain] to be eight struck bushels, and putting fines on purveyors who take more.
      2. And aboute the fourth quartre of the nyght, he cam unto them, walkinge apon the see [...].
    2. Any substantial fraction of something less than half, particularly.
      1. Tietjens said: ‘Send the Canadian sergeant-major to me at the double….’ to the quarter.
      2. In quarter, and in terms like bride and groom.
      3. ...at last she kicked right over the carriage pole and fell down, after giving me a severe blow on my near quarter.
  • VerbSGquartersPRquarteringPT, PPquartered
    1. VT To divide into quarters.
      1. VT To provide housing for military personnel or other equipment.
        1. Quarter the horses in the third stable.
      2. VI To lodge; to have a temporary residence.
        1. VT To quartersaw.
          1. OBS To drive a carriage so as to prevent the wheels from going into the ruts, or so that a rut shall be between the wheels.
            1. Every creature that met us would rely on us for quartering — De Quincey.
        2. Adjective
          1. Pertaining to an aspect of a quarter.
            1. (chiefly) Consisting of a fourth part, a quarter (1/4, 25%).
              1. (chiefly) Related to a three-month term, a quarter of a year.
              2. More Examples
                1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                  • 1955 - Close quarter fighting did not suit them. It does not suit the Essex or the Tans. - Guerilla Days in Ireland General Tom Barry
                  • The players kick off for the third quarter and the clock starts. ‎
                  • Exactly the same procedure can be followed for each-way bets; however, you may not receive the quarter of the win-odds for a place.
                2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
                  • The 5G development project will ramp up in the first quarter.
                  • Could you give me some color with regards to which products made up the mix of revenue for this quarter?
                  • We'll be sunsetting version 1.9 of the software shortly after releasing version 2.0 next quarter.
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