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  • NounBFpropertiePREprop-SUF-ties
    1. plural of property.
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        • Hence, the current study was undertaken to evaluate the antiulcerogenic and anti-ulcer properties of aqueous and methanol extracts of stem bark Piptadeniastrum africanum .
        • The previous study reported that AFM is an efficient tool to study the surface morphology and microtribological properties of thin films.
        • In fact, BGS intake was effective to increase the detection rate of fecal bifidobacteria and improved the fecal properties in enterally fed elderly patients.
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        • Psammaplins, in particular psammaplin A have demonstrated cytotoxic properties.
        • Moreover, distality characterizes these strong regularity properties.
        • Thus pharmaceutical companies have been looking for developing multitargeted therapies by either combining several monotargeted drugs or to develop drugs having multitargeting properties.
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