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EN[pɹəˈsiːd.ɪŋz] [ˈpɹəʊˌsiːd.ɪŋz]
  • In academia, proceedings are the collection of academic papers published in the context of an academic conference. They are usually distributed as printed volumes or in electronic form either before the conference opens or after it has closed.
  • The collection of papers is organized by one or more persons, who form the editorial team. The quality of the papers is typically ensured by having external people read the papers before they are accepted in the proceedings.
  • Since the collection of papers comes from individual researchers, the character of proceedings is distinctly different from a textbook. Each paper typically is quite isolated from the other papers in the proceedings.

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  • NounBFproceedingPREpro-
    1. plural of proceeding.
      1. Hodgson's approach may not illuminate proceedings in Poland and Ukraine but early evidence suggests they will be tough to break down.
    2. (law, plural only) The course of procedure in the prosecution of an action at law. (Can we date this quote?) Blackstone.
      1. The published record of the actions of a society, or of things done at its meetings.
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        1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
          • The Crown Proceedings Act, 1947. By J. R. Bickford Smith, b.a. (Oxon), of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law
          • Still, the proceedings did mark a family first of sorts: Jeb and George W. Bush had not appeared together publicly, or semipublicly, for the campaign until Monday.
        2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
          • Proceedings of the IEEE, Volume 95, Number 8, August 2007, Special issue: T-Ray Imaging, Sensing, & Retection
        3. Used in the Ending of Sentence
          • Did you make a double check and a triple check of the entire minefield before proceeding?
          • His resentful attitude only made matters worse during the custody proceedings.
          • Did you double check and triple check of the entire minefield before proceeding?
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