• Prior, derived from the Latin for "earlier, first", (or prioress for nuns) is an ecclesiastical title for a superior, usually lower in rank than an abbot or abbess. Its earlier generic usage referred in any monastic superior.

    Definition of prior in English Dictionary

  • NounPLpriorsSUF-ior
    1. A high-ranking member of a monastery, usually lower in rank than an abbot.
      1. (US slang) A previous arrest or criminal conviction on someone's record.
        1. (statistics) In Bayesian inference, a prior probability distribution.
        2. AdjectiveCOMmore priorSUPmost prior
          1. advance; coming before.
            1. I had no prior knowledge you were coming.
          2. former, previous.
            1. His prior residence was smaller than his current one.
        3. AdverbCOMmore priorSUPmost prior
          1. COL Previously.
            1. The doctor had known three months prior.
        4. More Examples
          1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
            • Because the enzyme was not activated prior to crystallization, the active site lysine is not carbamylated and Mg 2+ is not present.
            • Coupled with prior results, this yields a concrete combinatorial model for microlocal sheaves, as well as an elementary method for calculating them..
            • The farmer who lived on the farm prior to my arrival had left the floors of the barn and drive-shed littered with junk metal.
          2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
            • She soothes, but never can inthrall my mind. — Prior.
            • The orator composed his speech over the week prior.
            • While thy unerring hand elanced [ …] a dart. — Prior.
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            • Adverbs
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              Grammatically, this word "prior" is an adjective, more specifically, an uncomparable adjective. It's also an adverb. It's also a noun, more specifically, a countable noun.
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