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  • VerbSGportraysPRportrayingPT, PPportrayed
    1. To paint or draw the likeness of.
      1. I will portray a king on horseback. ‎
    2. (figuratively) To describe in words; to convey.
      1. To play a role; to depict a character, person, situation, or event.
        1. For my next movie, I will be portraying Shakespeare ‎
      2. To adorn with pictures.
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          • For my next movie, I will be portraying Shakespeare ‎
          • City were also the victors on that occasion 56 years ago, winning 5-0, but this visit was portrayed as a measure of their progress against the 19-time champions.
          • Unlike in the novels, Arwen is portrayed as a valiant swordswoman in The Lord of the Rings films.
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        1. Verbs
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        Grammatically, this word "portray" is a verb.
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