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    1. plural of period.
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        • Because the present climate can never produce enough weathering to produce oxisols, torrox soils are always paleosols formed during periods of much wetter climates.
        • For a grant this size, you would expect either that the vesting occurs over a considerably longer period or is backloaded.
        • Later in the menopause period there also appear urogenital atrophic changes and related sexual dysfunctions, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, and musculoarticular complaints.
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        • Individual mistakes proved costly for Wigan who, particularly after the half-time introduction of Hugo Rodallega, dominated for long periods.
        • The polydispersivity of the samples, which was lower than 25%, indicates that Sfβgly-N and Sfβgly-C were homogeneous throughout the incubation period.
        • Test subjects struggled with the task after a nonpractice period.
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