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    1. plural of period.
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        • Our results support this scenario, but we find that ensuing warming periods also provide gateways that allowed the common ancestor of the elwesi-species group to disperse intercontinentally.
        • The Gunners dominated for long periods but, against the run of play, Denilson fouled Max Gradel and Robert Snodgrass put Leeds ahead from the spot.
        • So when leaders keep around C players (or the warm bodies), the result is almost always worse than having nobody for a short period of time.
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        • Of note, icodextrin was not available in our country for any patient during the study period.
        • Throughout the first, second and early third instars, Drosophila larvae exhibit photophobicity and remain buried in their food source throughout the critical feeding period.
        • Residue identities are marked with an asterisk, conserved substitutions are marked with a colon, and semiconserved substitutions are marked with a period.
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