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    1. plural of pattern.
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        • It was also found that bilateral arm training with symmetric and asymmetric movement patterns can improve both the interlimb and intralimb coordination of patients with stroke [ 13 ].
        • If downy mildews and host plants have indeed cospeciated, then it is expected that the number of lineage divergences in their mapped dated trees show a similar changing pattern over time.
        • We cannot indeed recommend these PoĆ«ms as any standard of polite taste and elevated genius, nor as perfect patterns for imitation.
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        • She had just finished knitting a tea cosy decorated with a floral pattern.
        • The geometry is studied by employing the lacunarity measurement, which is associated to the regularity of holes contained in a pattern.
        • Focal mucinous differentiation was identified in 5 (11.1%), and 4 (8.9%) had areas of microcystic elongated and fragmented (MELF) pattern.
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