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  • AdjectivePREpar-SUF-ary
    1. Of, relating to, or enacted by a parliament.
      1. Parliamentary procedures are sometimes slow
    2. Having the supreme executive and legislative power resting with a cabinet of ministers chosen from, and responsible to a parliament.
      1. Britain is a parliamentary democracy
    3. (Britain) A class of train (see Wikipedia).
      1. The train was moving less fast through the summer night. The swift express had changed into something almost a parliamentary, had stopped three times since Norwich, and now, at long last, was approaching Banton.
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      • 1817 Jeremy Bentham - Plan of Parliamentary Reform, in the Form of a Catechism
      • Parliamentary guidelines state that MPs should not use comcars for anything other than official parliamentary or committee business.
      • The Government was accused of stacking the parliamentary committee. ‎
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