EN[nɨˌɡowʃiˈejʃn̩] [-eɪʃən]
  • Negotiation is a dialogue between two or more people or parties intended to reach a mutually beneficial outcome, resolve points of difference, to gain advantage for an individual or collective, or to craft outcomes to satisfy various interests.
  • Negotiation occurs in business, non-profit organizations, government branches, legal proceedings, among nations and in personal situations such as marriage, divorce, parenting, and everyday life. The study of the subject is called negotiation theory.

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  • NounPLnegotiationsSUF-ation
    1. The process of achieving agreement through discussion.
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        • In native title matters, there is a lot of talk about litigation, mediation, negotiation and questions about whitefeller law.
        • The delegations saved the negotiations by relinquishing their incompatible claims to sole jurisdiction
        • They conducted the negotiations completely above board.
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