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  • NounBFmetalPREm├ęta-
    1. plural of metal.
      1. (rail transport) the rail tracks owned by a company or organisation; a rail network.
        1. It was appropriate that 'King' number 6000 began the return to steam on British Rail metals in 1971.
    2. VerbBFmetalPRmetallingPT, PPmetalled
      1. third-person singular simple present indicative form of metal.
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          • There have been a great many theories as to why the zinc is deposited on and alloyed with the metal treated, but I think that the theory of sublineation is possibly the one most correct.
          • Their planes wabble, the metal frame work is too stiff, it doesn't yield to the air pressure."
          • Then, eight years ago, when I was 24, I had my pelvis sawn in three and pinned back together again (otherwise known as a PAO, or periacetabular osteotomy) with four long metal rods.
        2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
          • Metal phosphates that are templated by transition-metal complexes are rare.
        3. Used in the Ending of Sentence
          • The farmer who lived on the farm prior to my arrival had left the floors of the barn and drive-shed littered with junk metal.
          • I was asked to play strolling violin for a prom dinner, and when I asked the mother of the prom-goer about the kind of music he liked, she said he really only listens to heavy metal.
          • His tastes in music run the gamut from classical to heavy metal.
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