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EN[ˈmɛɹi] [-ɛri]
  • Merry may refer to:
  • As a name:
  • Merry (surname)
  • Merry (given name)
  • In music:
  • Merry (band), a Japanese rock band
  • Merry (EP), an EP by Gregory Douglass
  • "Merry" (song), by American power pop band Magnapop
  • Places:
  • Merry Township, Thurston County, Nebraska
EN Merry

    Definition of merry in English Dictionary

  • AdjectiveCOMmerrierSUPmerriestPREmer-
    1. Jolly and full of high spirits.
      1. We had a very merry Christmas.
    2. Festive and full of fun and laughter.
      1. Brisk.
        1. The play moved along at a merry pace.
      2. Causing laughter, mirth, gladness, or delight.
        1. a merry jest
      3. (euphemistic) drunk; tipsy.
        1. Some of us got a little merry at the office Christmas party.
    3. More Examples
      1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
        • ...cutting a great dash in a brandnew two guinea dress suit and a burled hogsford hired for a Fursday evenin merry pawty...
        • A table massive enough to have dined Johnnie Armstrong and his merry men. — Sir Walter Scott.
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      1. Adjectives
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