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EN[lʊk] [-ʊk] [luːk] [-uːx] [-uːk]
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  • NounPLlooks
    1. The action of looking, an attempt to see.
      1. Let’s have a look under the hood of the car. ‎
    2. (often plural) Physical appearance, visual impression.
      1. She got her mother’s looks. ‎
      2. I don’t like the look of the new design. ‎
    3. A facial expression.
      1. He gave me a dirty look. ‎
      2. If looks could kill ... ‎
  • VerbSGlooksPRlookingPT, PPlooked
    1. VI (often with "at") To try to see, to pay attention to with one’s eyes.
      1. Look at my new car!  Don’t look in the closet. ‎
    2. To appear, to seem.
      1. It looks as if it’s going to rain soon. ‎
    3. (copulative) To give an appearance of being.
      1. That painting looks nice. ‎
    4. VI (often with "for") To search for, to try to find.
      1. To face or present a view.
        1. The hotel looks over the valleys of the HinduKush. ‎
      2. To expect or anticipate.
        1. I look to each hour for my lover’s arrival. ‎
      3. VT To express or manifest by a look.
        1. VT (often with "to") To make sure of, to see to.
          1. (dated, sometimes figuratively) To show oneself in looking.
            1. Look out of the window [i.e. lean out] while I speak to you. ‎
          2. VT OBS To look at; to turn the eyes toward.
            1. VT OBS To seek; to search for.
              1. VT OBS To expect.
                1. VT OBS To influence, overawe, or subdue by looks or presence.
                  1. to look down opposition ‎
                2. (baseball) To look at a pitch as a batter without swinging at it.
                  1. The fastball caught him looking. ‎
                  2. Clem Labine struck Mays out looking at his last at bat. ‎
                  3. It's unusual for Mays to strike out looking. He usually takes a cut at it. ‎
              2. Interjection
                1. Pay attention.
                  1. Look, I'm going to explain what to do, so you have to listen closely. ‎
              3. More Examples
                1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                  • She was on her hands and knees scrabbling in the mud, looking for her missing wedding ring.
                  • I can't find this word in my print dictionary, let me go look it up on the internets.
                  • I took one last look at the house and walked away.
                2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
                  • Look what I have here — a frog I found on the street!
                  • Looks like rain, Elder; I 'spect she'll have to go over with me arter all," said George Thayer, the handsomest, best-natured stage-driver in the whole State of New Hampshire.
                  • Look at her all hussied up with her makeup and fishnet stockings...for shame!
                3. Used in the Ending of Sentence
                  • You can use this skin to change how the browser looks.
                  • I snarfed a bunch of freebies from the vendor's booth when he wasn't looking.
                  • Her fellow San Franciscan Fraser is a long-haired, 24-year-old ex-baseball player with rugged, modelish looks.
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                1. Interjections
                  • Nouns
                    • Countable nouns
                    • Verbs
                      • Copulative verbs
                        • Intransitive verbs
                          • Transitive verbs
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                        Grammatically, this word "look" is an interjection. It's also a noun, more specifically, a countable noun. It's also a verb, more specifically, a copulative verb, an intransitive verb and a transitive verb.
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