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EN[ˈlɪθɑːdʒ] [ˈlɪθɑrdʒ]
  • Litharge is one of the natural mineral forms of lead(II) oxide, PbO. Litharge is a secondary mineral which forms from the oxidation of galena ores. It forms as coatings and encrustations with internal tetragonal crystal structure.
  • PbO2 –(293 °C)→ Pb12O19 –(351 °C)→ Pb12O17 –(375 °C)→ Pb3O4 –(605 °C)→ PbO
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    1. Lead monoxide (PbO) a toxic solid formed from the oxidisation of lead in air, and used as a pigment.
      1. 1997, From an inner pocket he produces a costly Ramillies Wig, shakes it out in a brisk Cloud of scented Litharge, and claps it on, with a minimum of fuss, over his ascetic’s Crop. — Thomas Pynchon, Mason & Dixon
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