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    1. plural of insect.
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        • These insect and mole-rat colonies are multi-organismic equivalents of single organisms.
        • Additionally, the insect fat body presents other cell specializations, such as urocytes, hemoglobin cells, mycetocytes, and chromatocytes [4 ,5 ].
        • I run a funnish monogreen Insects deck that uses Winter Blast and Dervishes as partners in crime.
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        • Insects may overwinter in fallen fruit if it is not removed.
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        • In the last part of his paper Przibram calls attention to the characteristic, striking tendency to homÅ“osis in certain genera of Crustacea and insects.
        • This pattern (i.e., old origin and more recent diversification) suggests a scenario of replacement in carnivory among polyneopterous insects.
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