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  • In Control may refer to:
  • In Control (Heavens Gate album), a 1989 album
  • In Control (EliZe album)), 2006 album
  • In Control (US5 album), 2006 album
  • In Control (Kary Ng album), 2007 album
  • In Control (Nemesea album), 2007 album
  • In Control (The Americans), the fourth episode of the first season of the television series The Americans

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    1. IDI When one is controlling a machine, or a situation, or an activity. Similar to in charge, but one person can be officially in charge, while another person is, in fact, in control.
      1. The General said that his troops were now in control of the situation.
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      • There was a significant duration extension of SWS between bilateral inactivation and unilateral inactivation in the ChAT-Arch mice or bilateral lluminalion in control mice (p ).
      • Predominance of RUNX2 and SOX9 co-expression was observed mainly in control media in both surfaces (TCP and BCP), as well as on BCP in OS medium, indicating osteochondrogenic differentiation.
      • On the other hand, reserpinised heart perfused with 1 μM ISO displayed a rapid response similar to that seen in control heart.
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