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  • VerbBFidentifySGidentifiesPT, PPidentifiedSUF-ing
    1. present participle of identify.
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        • Now, the vast majority of us identify with the second group, the one that believes in trusting the wisdom of the people rather than taking power away from them and concentrating it in the other hands.
        • Boron, from the previously identified borolithochrome pigment, could not be determined as it likely occurs below the ppm level.
        • Species on this family can be identified by its mytiliform form, sometimes quadrate, with the hinge edentulous and the umbos anterior or terminal.
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        • One baicalinase and three baicalein 7-O-glucuronosyltransferases genes potentially involved in the transformation between baicalin/wogonoside and baicalein/wogonin were identified.
        • With regards to the formation of metabolites, the glucuronidated, bis-glucuronidated, dehydrogenated, hydrogenated, oxidized, and methylated α-mangostins were tentatively identified.
        • Surprisingly, this VLP bound to 4G2 more weakly than the other selectants we identified.
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