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  • VerbBFidentifySGidentifiesPT, PPidentifiedSUF-ing
    1. present participle of identify.
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        • Beyond that, Neopaganism may be most helpfully identified by what it is not, neither Christian nor Judaic, neither monotheistic nor agnostic, neither Oriental nor humanist.
        • “Where are all those uniformed people who are always ready to beat civilians?” asked a trishaw taxi driver, who said he did not want to be identified because he feared retribution.
        • First identified in 2007 from a child with febrile illness, SAFV are found in the stool of children with nonpolio acute flaccid paralysis and healthy children in Pakistan.
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        • Coinfections with canine coronavirus, canine kobuvirus, and canine bocavirus were identified.
        • One baicalinase and three baicalein 7-O-glucuronosyltransferases genes potentially involved in the transformation between baicalin/wogonoside and baicalein/wogonin were identified.
        • Surprisingly, this VLP bound to 4G2 more weakly than the other selectants we identified.
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