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EN[hɝl] [-ɜː(ɹ)l]
  • Hurl or HURL may refer to:
  • Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory, a regional undersea research facility of the US National Undersea Research Program
  • Hurl Park, Gauteng, a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa
  • H.U.R.L., a nonviolent video game aimed at children, released in 1995
  • Hurl!, a game show which aired on the G4 television channel
  • Hurl or Hurley (stick), a wooden stick used to hit a sliotar (leather ball) in the Irish sport of hurling
  • A slang term for vomiting

    Definition of hurl in English Dictionary

  • NounPLhurls
    1. A throw, especially a violent throw; a fling.
      1. He managed a hurl of 50.3 metres.
      2. A hurl of abuse.
    2. The act of vomiting.
      1. (hurling) The act of hitting the sliotar with the hurley.
        1. (Ulster) (car) ride.
          1. OBS tumult; riot; hurly-burly.
            1. OBS A table on which fibre is stirred and mixed by beating with a bow spring.
            2. VerbSGhurlsPRhurlingPT, PPhurled
              1. VT To throw (something) with force.
                1. The Tottenham wing was causing havoc down the right and when he broke past the bemused Sasa Balic once again, Bellamy was millimetres from connecting with his cross as the Liverpool striker hurled himself at the ball.
              2. VT To utter (harsh or derogatory speech), especially at its target.
                1. The gangs hurled abuse at each other.
              3. VI To participate in the sport of hurling.
                1. Their cause was helped after the senior footballers were unexpectedly dumped out of the running for the Sam Maguire, meaning Aidan Walsh is available to hurl full-time with the young Rebels -- Walsh scored 1-1 in the semi-final victory over reigning All-Ireland champions Tipperary.
              4. VI SLA To vomit.
                1. Pass me the bucket; I've got to hurl.
              5. OBS To twist or turn.
              6. More Examples
                1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                  • In Noises Off we're hurled through the first act--in three different incarnations--from an imaginary very silly, veddy British sex farce, Nothing On, that's deservedly playing the provinces.
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                1. Nouns
                  • Countable nouns
                  • Verbs
                    • Intransitive verbs
                      • Transitive verbs
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