EN[hɔːnt] [-ɔːnt] [hɑːnt] [-ɑːnt] [hænt] [-ænt]
  • Haunt may refer to:
  • Haunt (comics), comic book character and series
  • Haunt (video game), 2011 video game
  • HAUNT, computer game
  • Haunt (film), a 2013 horror film by Mac Carter
  • Haunt (EP), an EP by Bastille

    Definition of haunt in English Dictionary

  • NounPLhaunts
    1. A place at which one is regularly found; a hangout.
      1. It is a great rock or cliff on the loneliest part of the mountains, and, … is known by the name of the Garden Rock. Near the foot of it is a small lake, the haunt of the solitary bittern, with water-snakes basking in the sun on the leaves of the pond-lilies which lie on the surface.
    2. (dialect) A ghost.
      1. A feeding place for animals.
      2. VerbSGhauntsPRhauntingPT, PPhaunted
        1. VT To inhabit, or visit frequently (most often used in reference to ghosts).
          1. A couple of ghosts haunt the old, burnt-down house.
        2. VT To make uneasy, restless.
          1. The memory of his past failures haunted him.
        3. VT To stalk, to follow.
          1. The policeman haunted him, following him everywhere.
        4. VI (now rare) To live habitually; to stay, to remain.
          1. VT (Britain dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) To accustom; habituate; make accustomed to.
            1. VT (Britain dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) To practise; to devote oneself to.
              1. VI To persist in staying or visiting.
              2. More Examples
                1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                  • The haunted house was horrifying, from one room to the next I felt more and more like I wasn’t going to survive.
                  • And in “Central Park in the Dark” and her haunting response to “The Unanswered Question,” Sokolow evokes more small-town anomie in spare shifts of ranks, topplings and rises.
                  • A specter haunted the cemetery at the old Vasquez manor.
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