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    1. simple past tense and past participle of group.
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        • We owe it to a small group of brave whistle-blowers that we know about the infractions at all.
        • As part of the big whoopy-doo of this wonderful week a group of Boy Scouts from this area is going to take a bus trip up into the White Mountains, to a scout camp near Lake Chocorua.
        • This may be called milieu control. The Chinese Communist prison is probably the most thoroughly controlled and manipulated group environment that has ever existed.
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        • Group B contained free hydrophobic amino acids such as Phe and Val, conjugated phenylpropanoids, including chlorogenate and procyanidin, and many sugar phosphates.
        • Group 1--over-testosteroned freaks who are just thrilled that the Big Bad USA is finally gonna get to blow shit up and have a wargasm every time a bomb hits.
      3. Used in the Ending of Sentence
        • It is noteworthy that AveF and DnrU also control different opposite chirality in avemectin (C5R) and daunorubicin (C13S) pathways, but both of them are present in a same group.
        • Improvement in depressive symptoms in patients with the cardiometabolic disease at 12 months was not any better in patients prescribed with anti-depressants when compared with the nonprescribed group.
        • The administration of MUL enhanced the hepatosomatic index of MTX treated rats and brought this parameter back to values very similar to that observed in the control group.
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