EN[ɡɹɑːnt] [ɡɹænt] [-ænt] [-ɑːnt]
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  • NounPLgrantsSUF-ant
    1. The act of granting; a bestowing or conferring; concession; allowance; permission.
      1. The yielding or admission of something in dispute.
        1. The thing or property granted; a gift; a boon.
          1. I got a grant from the government to study archeology in Egypt.
        2. (law) A transfer of property by deed or writing; especially, an appropriation or conveyance made by the government; as, a grant of land or of money; also, the deed or writing by which the transfer is made.
          1. INF An application for a grant (monetary boon to aid research or the like).
          2. VerbSGgrantsPRgrantingPT, PPgranted
            1. To give over; to make conveyance of; to give the possession or title of; to convey; -- usually in answer to petition.
              1. To bestow or confer, with or without compensation, particularly in answer to prayer or request; to give.
                1. To admit as true what is not yet satisfactorily proved; to yield belief to; to allow; to yield; to concede.
                  1. To assent; to consent.
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                      • In order to grant the rich these pleasures, the social contract is reconfigured. The welfare state is dismantled. Essential public services are cut so that the rich may pay less tax. […]
                      • She granted him also the office of purveyor of the said manor of Eltham, together with the bailivate of the town of Eltham
                      • In order to grant the rich these pleasures, the social contract is reconfigured. The welfare state is dismantled. […]
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