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  • NounBFfemale
    1. plural of female.
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        • [W]hat do you females (lurkers included :-) think of boxers as opposed to the traditional Fruit-O-The-Loom/Hanes "tighty-whities"?
        • We speculate that the white regions (lacking pigmentation, unsclerotic) on female tergite may help to accurately perceive and accept the male aedeagus.
        • Also, one venue may as well be a commercial for Axe body spray, complete with gyrating young females and the "bow chicka wow wow" slogan featuring prominently.
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        • Female spiders of one agribiont genus, Pardosa (Lycosidae), which are hunting spiders, were found to be in better condition in landscapes dominated by arable crops [62 ].
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        • Several studies suggested that the emission of USVs by male rats induces paracopulatory behavior in females.
        • Median age 77 years, range [59–82]) and six healthy donors suffering traumatic subcapital fracture (one male and five females.
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