EN[fɑː(ɹ)] [fɑɹ] [fɑ˞] [-ɑː(ɹ)]
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  • NounPLfarsPREfar-
    1. Spelt (type of wheat).
      1. A young pig, or a litter of pigs.
      2. AdjectiveCOMfartherCOMfurtherSUPfarthestSUPfurthest
        1. Remote in space.
          1. He went to a far country. ‎
        2. Remote in time.
          1. Long.
            1. It was a far adventure, full of danger. ‎
          2. More remote or longer of two.
            1. At the far end of the houses the head gardener stood waiting for his mistress, and he gave her strips of bass to tie up her nosegay. This she did slowly and laboriously, with knuckly old fingers that shook.
          3. Extreme.
            1. We are on the far right on this issue. ‎
          4. Widely different in nature or quality; opposite in character.
            1. (computing, not comparable) Outside the currently selected segment in a segmented memory architecture.
              1. far heap;  far memory; far pointer ‎
          5. AdverbCOMfartherCOMfurtherSUPfarthestSUPfurthest
            1. Distant in space, time or degree.
              1. My house is quite far from the beach.  The plan is good, but it is far from being flawless. ‎
            2. To or from a great distance, time, or degree.
              1. You have all come far and you will go farther. ‎
            3. (with a comparative) Very much.
              1. He was far richer than we'd thought. ‎
          6. More Examples
            1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
              • These parameters further support the usefulness of the new heptaplex PCR assay in routine clinical diagnosis and infection control.
              • A thinspiration auteur makes her voice heard almost exclusively through these cards, and she sometimes uses them to plead with her audience to go easy on her work or to stay tuned for further thinspo.
              • There was no moping around the house with a depressed disposition when one of my romances turned sour because, as far as my love life went, father expected me to take it like a man.
            2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
              • Further development will aim to develop phagosensors adapted on demand to the detection of any human or animal pathogen that may be present in water.
              • Further studies are needed to explore the mechanisms underlying neovascularization and neoinnervation of an acellular scaffold and to assess the clinical benefits of such phenomena.
              • Far from endeavouring to deſtroy the paſſions, the inviſible movers of our being, we regard them as precious gifts that we ſhould carefully œconomiſe.
            3. Used in the Ending of Sentence
              • Our findings suggest that current precystectomy models for prediction of LN metastasis should be improved further.
              • Does that compute, or do I need to explain further?
              • If you do anything about the mana screw problem, you increase the probability of a mana flood even further.
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