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    1. plural of expression.
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        • This gene expression induction is consistent with willows' known rhizoremediation capabilities, and suggests the existence of S.
        • In rice lines containing the dominant (susceptibility) allele of the gene, the expression of the nodulin homolog is up regulated upon infection with Xoo .
        • However, the importance of the high expression of 11β-HSD2 within the midgestational fetal brain is unknown.
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        • Expression of QTL12 has been reported to confer partial resistance via delayed movement of RYMV into mestome (bundle sheath cells; [214]).
        • Expression of MAP1B during glomerulogenesis in newborn rat kidney.
        • Expression of the viral proteins VP1 and agnoprotein was measured in whole cell protein extracts by Western blot.
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        • The glycosylation inhibitor tunicamycin, which increases the level of unfolded proteins, also induced P hsp-4 ::GFP expression.
        • Interestingly, this could not be observed for intragraft IFN-γ expression.
        • A reproducible decrease in the plasma concentration of unacylated ghrelin was observed, which was consistent with a decrease in the stomach preproghrelin mRNA and stomach ghrelin expression.
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