eminent meaning

  • Eminent may refer to:
  • High in station, rank, or repute; prominent; distinguished: eminent statesmen.
  • Eminent domain, the power of a state to acquire private property without the owner's consent
  • Eminent Technology, an American manufacturer of audio equipment.
  • Eminent Lives, a biography series
  • Eminent a Dutch home organ manufacturer
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    Definition of eminent in English Dictionary

  • AdjectiveCOMmore eminentSUPmost eminentSUF-ent
    1. (archaic) high, lofty; towering; prominent.
      1. noteworthy, remarkable, great.
        1. His eminent good sense has been a godsend to this project.
      2. (of a person) distinguished, important, noteworthy.
        1. In later years, the professor became known as an eminent historian.
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        • Chittor V. Nagaiah is an eminent film actor, director and musician.
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