• Earnings are the net benefits of a corporation's operation. Earnings is also the amount on which corporate tax is due.
  • Many alternative terms for earnings are in common use, such as income and profit. These terms in turn have a variety of definitions, depending on their context and the objectives of the authors.

    Definition of earnings in English Dictionary

  • Noun
    1. wages, money earned, income.
      1. (finance) business profits.
        1. (finance) gains on investments; returns.
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            • It is swishly renovated (I would say "pimped" but modern usage seems to have forgotten the word means to control and live off the earnings of a prostitute), very comfortable and a tad quieter.
        • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
          1. Nouns
            • Pluralia tantum

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          Meaning of earnings for the defined word.

          Grammatically, this word "earnings" is a noun, more specifically, a pluralia tantum.
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