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  • A concept is an abstraction or generalization from experience or the result of a transformation of existing concepts. The concept reifies all of its actual or potential instances whether these are things in the real world or other ideas.
  • In metaphysics, and especially ontology, a concept is a fundamental category of existence. In contemporary philosophy, there are at least three prevailing ways to understand what a concept is:
  • Concepts as mental representations, where concepts are entities that exist in the brain,
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    1. abstract and general idea; an abstraction.
      1. understanding retained in the mind, from experience, reasoning and/or imagination; a generalization (generic, basic form), or abstraction (mental impression), of a particular set of instances or occurrences (specific, though different, recorded manifestations of the concept).
        1. The words conception, concept, notion, should be limited to the thought of what can not be represented in the imagination; as, the thought suggested by a general term.
      2. (programming)   In generic programming, a description of supported operations on a type, including their syntax and semantics.
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          • Clearly, empathy is a Scriptural concept that Christians can put to work in becoming better leaders.
          • The thinker Amitai Etzioni comes up with a useful concept in the current edition of Prospect magazine when he talks of "moral megalogues" – mass dialogues over right and wrong.
          • The current study introduced transcultural identity as a new operationalization of cultural identity based on the concept of transculturality (Welsch 1995).
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          • The idea was no sooner mooted, than we were reliably informed that we would have to play down considerably the Muslim component, sheltering behind a broader allochthone scout concept.
          • We show here an innovative technique to detect isolated nanoskyrmions with a current-perpendicular-to-plane geometry, which has immediate implications for device concepts.
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