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EN[kɒmpjuːt] [-uːt]
FR compute

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  • VerbSGcomputesPRcomputingPT, PPcomputedPREcom-SUF-té
    1. To reckon or calculate.
      1. Can anyone here compute the square root of 10201?
    2. INF To make sense.
      1. Does that compute, or do I need to explain further?
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      • Here, we describe the tandemer approach for efficiently computing metabolite tandem mass-isotopomer distributions in a metabolic network, given an estimation of metabolic fluxes.
      • ( computing ) - My new computer has over 500 megs of RAM. = megabyte
      • A friend of mine having occasion to show this section to a party of 4 bristlers, states that they withdrew a pace and seemed to be computing among themselves.
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    1. Verbs
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