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  • NounBFcharacteristicSUF-ics
    1. plural of characteristic.
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        • Another possible physiological role for a hyperpolarization-activated inward current could be in the postburst hyperpolarization that is characteristic of parasol cells.
        • To create a substrate of the desired geometry, we exploited a well-known but little used characteristic of aclar, namely its thermoformability.
        • A previous report [36 ] showed that a subpopulation of human ADCs exhibited stem cell-like characteristics and an ability to differentiate into various cell types in tridermic layer.
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        • As the chest wall and lungs hyperinflate, they progressively resist further inflation by virtue of their elastic recoil characteristics.
        • DME was defined as the presence of any retinal thickening or hard exsudates at the posterior pole irrespective of center involvement or ischemic characteristics.
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