EN[tʃɑːns] [tʃæns] [-ɑːns] [-æns]
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  • NounPLchancesSUF-ance
    1. NC An opportunity or possibility.
      1. Here was my chance. I took the old man aside, and two or three glasses of Old Crow launched him into reminiscence.
    2. NU Random occurrence; luck.
      1. Why leave it to chance when a few simple steps will secure the desired outcome? ‎
    3. NC The probability of something happening.
      1. There is a 30 percent chance of rain tomorrow. ‎
    4. NC (archaic) What befalls or happens to a person; their lot or fate.
    5. VerbSGchancesPRchancingPT, PPchanced
      1. (archaic) VI To happen by chance, to occur.
        1. It chanced that I found a solution the very next day.
      2. (archaic) VT To befall; to happen to.
        1. To try or risk.
          1. Shall we carry the umbrella, or chance a rainstorm?
        2. To discover something by chance.
          1. He chanced upon a kindly stranger who showed him the way.
      3. AdjectiveCOMmore chanceSUPmost chance
        1. (rare) Happening by chance, casual.
        2. More Examples
          1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
            • If they would hire me for a dog-robber (a low menial), I would do it for a dime a day," he muttered, " just for the chance to hear them talk.
            • England still have a chance of winning tomorrow if they can get India out before stumps today.
            • Snodgrass also saw a free-kick swerve just wide before Arsenal, with Walcott and Fabregas by now off the bench, turned their vastly superior possession into chances in the closing moments
          2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
            • When I was offered a placement working at the South Pole, I jumped at the chance.
            • They're either telling you where to shove it, if you're winning, or telling you where they'd like to shove it given half the chance.
            • The band opens the shoestring yet adventurous East River Music Project series with S-S-S-Spectres, whose dissonant honkings and lurching beats evoke No Wave heroes like James Chance.
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