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  • Biosynthesis (also called biogenesis or anabolism) is a multi-step, enzyme-catalyzed process where substrates are converted into more complex products in living organisms.
  • The prerequisite elements for biosynthesis include: precursor compounds, chemical energy (e.g. ATP), and catalytic enzymes which may require coenzymes (e.g.NADH, NADPH). These elements create monomers, the building blocks for macromolecules.

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    1. (biochemistry) The synthesis of organic compounds within a living organism, especially the synthesis of large compounds from small ones.
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        • The first sequenced phenazine biosynthesis gene cluster in Streptomyces was ephzBCDEGA, which contributes to the biosynthesis of endophenazines in Streptomyces cinnamonesis DSM1042 [17 ].
        • For NMOs, the sequences of L-ornithine N5-oxygenase SidA from Aspergillus fumigatus (XP_755103.1) and the alcaligin biosynthesis enzyme from Bordetella bronchiseptica (Q44740.2) were used as queries.
        • Inactivation of lomo10 by in-frame partial deletion resulted in the biosynthesis of a new phenazine metabolite, 1-carbomethoxy-6-formyl-4,9-dihydroxy-ph​enazine,along with the absence of lomofungin.
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