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    1. plural of binding.
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        • No significant breed difference was observed for the binding of AR or C/EBPβ to 3β-HSD promoter in the liver of preweaning piglets (Fig. 3c and d).
        • Among these, the GlcNAc binder DSA showed a stronger binding signal than the others (see Fig 5A ), which indicated that GlcNAc was a dominant glycopattern in DENV-2.
        • PPG, a natural benzotropolone compound extracted from nutgalls, was found in a high-throughput screening of natural products to identify inhibitors of PBD-dependent binding [61] .
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        • Binding of ligand leads to heterodimerisation and activation of HER2 TK activity.
        • Binding a repellent at these receptors is believed to cause increased autophosphorylating activity of the CheA kinase.
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        • We address here the rototranslational entropy loss upon binding.
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