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EN[bɪˈlɒŋ] [bɪˈlɔŋ] [-ɒŋ]

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  • VerbSGbelongsPRbelongingPT, PPbelongedPREbe-SUF-long
    1. VI To have its proper place.
      1. Where does this document belong? ‎
      2. You don’t belong here — get out. ‎
      3. I don’t belong to them! ‎
    2. VI (followed by to) To be part of, or the property of.
      1. That house belongs to me. ‎
    3. VI (followed by to) To be the spouse or partner of.
      1. VI (set theory) (followed by to) To be an element of (a set). The symbol means belongs to.
        1. Suppose belongs to ... (— written: ) ‎
      2. OBS VT To be deserved by.
      3. Preposition
        1. (Australian Aboriginal‎, optionally followed by to) Of, belonging to.
        2. More Examples
          1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
            • Having preestablished that the murder weapon did not belong to the hotel, the detective widened her field of enquiry.
            • The capacity of sorrow belongs to our grandeur; and the loftiest of our race are those who have had the profoundest grief; because they have had the profoundest sympathies.
            • A turban and loincloth soaked in blood had been found; also a staff. These properties were known to have belonged to a toddy drawer. He had disappeared.
          2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
            • "Theism" belongs to that genus of disease in which morphinism, caffeinism, and vanillaism belong.
            • He would have been lonely but for the comradeships of the various clubs to which he belonged.
            • Wheea behight thee? = What is your name/to whom do you belong?
        • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
          1. Morphemes
            • Prefixes
              • Words by prefix
                • Words prefixed with be-
            • Prepositions
              • Verbs
                • Intransitive verbs
                  • Transitive verbs
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                Grammatically, this word "belong" is a morpheme, more specifically, a prefixe. It's also a preposition. It's also a verb, more specifically, an intransitive verb and a transitive verb.
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