EN[əˈsəʊʃieɪtɪd] [əˈsəʊsieɪtɪd] [əˈsoʊʃieɪtɪd] [əˈsoʊsieɪtɪd]
  • Associated may refer to:
  • Association (disambiguation)
  • Associated, former name of Avon, Contra Costa County, California

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  • VerbBFassociateSGassociatesPRassociatingSUF-ated
    1. simple past tense and past participle of associate.
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        • The main potential applications are postprostatectomy and postradiotherapy, diabetes associated erectile dysfunction, and Peyronie's disease.
        • These associated microarousals break up the normal sleep structure preventing a refreshing rest.
        • We show that these groups act acylindrically on the CAT(-1) polygonal complex naturally associated to their presentation.
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        Grammatically, this word "associated" is a verb, more specifically, a verb form.
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