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  • With Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress upon Human Life and Thought, generally known as Anticipations, H.G. Wells at the age of 34 staked his claim to the role of social prophet.
  • Taking the revolution in transport facilitated by the "mechanical revolution" as his point of departure, Wells told readers they were living through a reorganization of human society that would alter every dimension of life.
  • The chapters of Anticipations appeared in Great Britain in the Fortnightly Review (April–December 1901) and in the United States in the North American Review (June–November 1901) and were published as a book in November 1901.
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    1. plural of anticipation.
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        • Thus, anxiety anticipation is vital to the pathopsychological mechanism of SAD.
        • Amid all the fevered anticipation of this fixture, few would have expected to witness an aesthetically pleasing example of the beautiful game.
        • Thus the festival-goer is tangibly and emotionally 'freed' from routine and enters willingly and with anticipation into a temporally and spatially special environment.
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