• Ages may refer to:
  • Advanced glycation end-products, known as AGEs
  • Ages, Kentucky
  • Ages (album) by German electronic musician Edgar Froese
  • The geologic time scale, a system of chronological measurement that relates stratigraphy to time
FR ages

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  • NounBFage
    1. plural of age.
      1. A long time.
      2. VerbBFagePRageingPRagingPT, PPaged
        1. third-person singular simple present indicative form of age.
        2. More Examples
          1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
            • Act your age and stop fiddling with that pen - you’re showing us up.
            • A two-step procedure was performed to induce chronic renal disease (CRD): left heminephrectomy at 20 weeks of age followed by right total nephrectomy 1 week later.
            • We hypothesized that the tissue toxicity of galacitol could be another cause of aging in our D-galactose mice.
          2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
            • Such a progressive shift to prefrontally mediated executive processes may account for the increasing link between processing speed and myelin in anterior regions with advancing age.
            • The human dimension in education remains central in our hypertechnological age.
            • Carla thought powerwalking was stupid, she'd told Liz it looked like a car stuck in first gear, as well as being a depressing admission of middle age.
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