against meaning

EN[əˈɡɛnst] [əˈɡeɪnst]
  • Against may refer to:
  • Against (album), a 1998 album by Brazilian metal band Sepultura
  • Against (song), the title track song from the Sepultura album
  • Against (American band), an American thrash band
  • Against (Australian band), an Australian hardcore punk band

    Definition of against in English Dictionary

  • AdverbCOMmore againstSUPmost againstPREagain-SUF-st
    1. In opposition to something.
      1. Are you for the new ring road? No, I'm against. ‎
    2. (gambling) Having a specified likelihood of not winning or happening.
      1. The second favourite won the race at odds of two to one against. ‎
  • Conjunction
    1. OBS By the time that (something happened); before.
    2. Preposition
      1. (heading, physical) A close but separated relationship.
        1. If you swim against the current, you must work harder. ‎
        2. The kennel was put against the back wall. ‎
        3. The giant was silhouetted against the door. ‎
        4. The puppy rested its head against a paw. ‎
        5. The rain pounds against the window. ‎
      2. (heading, social) A contrasting or competitive relationship.
        1. He stands out against his local classmates. ‎
        2. The Tigers will play against the Bears this weekend. ‎
        3. Are you against freedom of choice?  I'd bet against his succeeding. ‎
      3. In exchange for.
        1. As counterbalance to.
          1. As a charge on.
            1. As protection from.
              1. He turned the umbrella against the wind. ‎
            2. OBS Exposed to.
              1. In anticipation of; in preparation for (a particular time, event etc.).
              2. More Examples
                1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                  • But, somewhat against the run of play, Craddock fired the visitors ahead, volleying a low effort beyond Simon Mignolet after Sunderland twice failed to clear attempted crosses from Stephen Hunt.
                  • God's good word, both law and gospel, is your bulwark, your defense against bad theology and techniques of spirituality that make you anxious.
                  • The firm is defending itself against fresh allegations of pensions mis-selling.
                2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
                  • Against every pillar was a stack of billets above a man's height.
                  • Against all odds the small community college ended up in the NCAA final four.
                  • Against all expectations, the accused managed to bring forth convincing evidence of his innocence.
              • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
                1. Adverbs
                  • Conjunctions
                    • Morphemes
                      • Suffixes
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                      • Prepositions
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                      Grammatically, this word "against" is an adverb. It's also a conjunction. It's also a morpheme, more specifically, a suffixe. It's also a preposition.
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