activity meaning

  • Activity may refer to:
  • Action (philosophy), in general
  • The Aristotelian concept of energeia, Latinized as actus
  • Activity (UML), a major task in Unified Modeling Language
  • Activity, the rate of catalytic activity, such as enzyme activity (enzyme assay), in physical chemistry and enzymology
  • Activity (chemistry), the effective concentration of a solute for the purposes of mass action
  • Activity (project management)
  • Activity, the number of radioactive decays per second
  • Activity (software engineering)
  • Activity (soil mechanics)

    Definition of activity in English Dictionary

  • NounPLactivitiesSUF-ity
    1. The state or quality of being active; nimbleness; agility; vigorous action or operation; energy; active force; as, an increasing variety of human activities.
      1. Pit row was abuzz with activity. ‎
    2. Something done as an action or a movement.
      1. The activity for the morning was a walk to the store. ‎
    3. Something done for pleasure or entertainment, especially one involving movement or an excursion.
      1. Like most human activities, ballooning has sponsored heroes and hucksters and a good deal in between. For every dedicated scientist patiently recording atmospheric pressure and wind speed while shivering at high altitudes, there is a carnival barker with a bevy of pretty girls willing to dangle from a basket or parachute down to earth.
    4. Use (of internet, playstation, bank account etc.).
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      1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
        • ChAT with higher activity is localized in the cytosol near neurosynapses as a soluble molecule, and ChAT can also be found as a membrane bound protein [ 65 ].
        • However, increasing the virulence of rNDV by increasing cleavability of the F protein lead[sic] to a significant improvement of oncolytic activity of recombinant NDV.
        • They are also deterred from such activities because transdisciplinary pursuits tend to be intrinsically more time-consuming than their intradisciplinary counterparts.
      2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
        • A successful learning experience which results from self-originated motivation guarantees continued pursuance of inquiry activities.
        • The prevailing wisdom today is that any benefits of vertical integration tend to be outweighed by the greater advantages of specializing in a narrow range of vertical activities.
        • In conclusion, authors suggested that both tensioned and nontensioned taping across the UT muscle reduce its activity.
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        • Countable nouns
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