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    1. Initialism of United States of America.
      1. (US, military) SLA Initialism of United States Army.
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          • [Wright] also refers to 'the great Usonian Life, the universal life of our own true democracy' and 'the road to Freedom in Usonia'. The association of USA and utopia is inescapable [ …]
          • Group 1--over-testosteroned freaks who are just thrilled that the Big Bad USA is finally gonna get to blow shit up and have a wargasm every time a bomb hits.
          • If I had my way I'd withdraw all support for Jewsrael and let the Jew-Islam race war go on without USA intervening.
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          • USA 16.00 (RV-WA, genotype 2B) were propagated in Vero cells and titered on Vero cells by immunocolorimetric plaque assay [19 ].
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