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    1. INF (with definite article) The United States.
      1. The structure will house the United States Army signal corps office which maintains radio and cable communication between Alaska and the States
    2. (Guernsey) The States of Guernsey.
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        • The United States is in an awkward situation with debt default looming. ‎
        • Apocarpous fruits are the ancestral state in Acronychia and subapocarpous and fully syncarpous fruits are derived.
        • When foster kids age out, it is important that the state provides them with support.
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        • State collection and dissemination have been abstracted away from the application by the common-map abstraction.
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        • With memory that slow, the processor is going to spend most of its time on wait states.
        • One exception is the upregulation of Dmc1 in response to radiation-induced mitotic catastrophe (MC) in human cell lines [48 ] creating a pseudomeiotic state.
        • T3 modulation of GABA A receptors therefore has a plausible significance in normal physiology, and apparent relevance to dysthyroid states.
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